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Since our inception in 2011, has been driven and committed to building America. is a Non Profit Organization that focuses on Educating and matching Investors for Small Businesses within the United States of America. was designed to do exactly as the name says - Save the United States!  


The American Economy has been suffering for almost two decades.  Its time we act now, hence the reason was born. philosophy is the future of the American Economy is Small Business.  Small Business is what will create jobs, more tax dollars, more spending and stability to the current and future economy.

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Ken Burrows

CEO & Founder

Ken Burrows has been an entrepreneur since the age of 19. He has built, owned and sold many businesses throughout his career. He is now focused on giving back to America. has many Business successes.

Chris Mylin

COO & Consultant

Chris Mylin has spent the majority of his career in the money business. Chris holds licenses in Mortgage Lending, Real Estate, Health & Life Insurance and Securities. With his expertise in these areas he has vast knowledge of money and how it works.

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